• MorRewards

    MI MorRewardsOur MorRewards performance-based platform provides a comprehensive solution for your recognition and redemption needs. This robust portal includes an online award delivery system containing thousands of premium merchandise items and gift cards for redemption in some 60 countries. MorRewards delivers every aspect of your custom program, conveniently bundled into our proprietary engagement portal.

    The MorRewards portal can provide all communications deliverables including organizational, divisional or departmental interactions for enterprise-wide solutions. The ultimate in individual recognition is also available, where special recognition messages can be shared as earned with program participants in their own personalized URL (PURL), which provides a public forum that co-workers, family members and peers can view. All program communications can include two-way dialogue with participants that provides the maximum in recognition flexibility and performance-driven results.

    Whether it’s motivating your sales force, engaging your employees, maximizing customer service, facilitating cutting-edge peer-to-peer recognition, or earning customer loyalty, MorRewards provides you with a unique, comprehensive solution.

    We use a combination of creative and strategic thinking that yields a program that is both exciting and impactful for your target audience.

    We address these important questions to get to the heart of your performance improvement needs:

    • What aspect of your business would you like improved?
    • What individuals or groups can be targeted to supply this improvement?
    • What rewards or recognition will motivate them?
    • What kind of program can be designed to best drive the behavior?
    • What’s the best way to track behavior and measure improvement and ROI?

    Once a thorough collaborative assessment has been done, we begin to design a program that is specifically suited to your needs. We take care of every step from A to Z, working with you to:

    • Assess your current results and processes
    • Design a comprehensive program to drive and reward performance
    • Communicate with all the stakeholders at every stage of the process to maintain engagement, report results and ensure success
    Process Management

    Delivering great customer service is often the result of passionate process management. At Morley, we leave nothing to chance. We have carefully studied, diagramed and translated each stage of the performance improvement process into flow charts, Gantt charts and procedural checklists. This allows us to produce the best possible customer experience for both you and the people that you are motivating and rewarding.

    Dedicated Program Manager

    MI MorRewards dedicated program managerA dedicated Morley Program Manager is with you at every step in the process, directing our internal resources to ensure that all facets of the program are delivered on time and on budget, and achieve your project objectives. From discussing initial concepts and preparing the budget, to managing the program, reporting on return on investment and delivering the final invoice, this Program Manager is there for you, 24/7, following your directions as a key member of your team.

    Innovative Technology

    We pioneered the use of information technology to satisfy performance improvement programs in the early 1960s. Today, we integrate live customer service and database management systems with online information, registration and redemption websites to provide real-time execution of client programs. This allows us to leverage technology and produce a more efficiently run program that delivers a higher level of customer satisfaction.

    Program Design

    Based on factors such as audience, metrics, desired outcome, program duration, budget and business modeling, we can design an effective program that drives the performance you seek. The following types of programs represent common themes for several clients:


    One of the most important factors of program design is identifying segments of your audience and dividing up the bell curve to determine where your performance increases can come from – top performers, middle performers or low performers.

    The top: Highly skilled and motivated employees, dealers, distributors or agents that are already doing what you need. These participants can be incentivized, but it should be treated more as recognition for a job already well done.

    The middle: This segment can yield the largest incremental performance increase. As the adage says, “move the middle.” This largest segment can, with proper motivation and engagement, move your overall results and provide the greatest return on investment.

    The bottom: This group, especially in sales industries, is where turnover happens. New employees, dealers, distributors or agents come in and need time to move into the middle of the performance curve. A properly designed program can help them do that.


    MI MorRewards recognitionTop performers aspire to be recognized by their peers. As seen in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, these people are at the top of the pyramid, where esteem (achievement, respect by others) and self-actualization reside. These high achievers strive to perform based on an inherent need to be known as the best, and the reward mechanism attained as a result is secondary to the peer recognition.

    This is where high-level incentive group travel can be very effective. Your highest performers are recognized as the best by their peers who are also on the program, and they receive special recognition by being able to interact in both a business and social environment (with their spouses) with the firm’s highest senior management and C-Level executives. It affords a significant, one-of-a-kind opportunity to provide a moment of exceptional pride for the performers in front of their spouses and the industry-leading peers they most admire. The drive for overachievers to reach for this level of exceptional achievement (in an extraordinary, world-class, pampered travel experience delivered flawlessly by Morley Meetings & Incentives) is a uniquely powerful motivator that actually grows with each achievement. Performers who win once and get a taste of the self-actualizing experience are even more motivated to win again and again.

    We have extensive experience in providing the best of your best with both meaningful reward options and unique opportunities to promote winners’ success and stature throughout the program design.

    Tiered Earnings Programs

    Often called a “stair-step” program, earnings increase as performance moves through pre-determined tiers. For example, the reward may be X for sales 1-10, 2X for sales 11-20, 3X for sales 21-30, etc. This type of program drives performance straight through to the end, with earnings (and sales) piling up in ever greater amounts throughout the program.


    MI MorRewards communicationAfter developing the program structure, we create a comprehensive plan to communicate the program to your participants. We find varied and creative methods to introduce the initiative, explain the benefits and rewards, and generate excitement. Then, we keep your participants engaged and informed throughout the program with targeted communications.

    • Email blasts: We send custom and targeted communications to participants, based on their profiles and performance level.
    • Print pieces and mailings: Our creative team produces visually impactful and informative print communications that not only introduce your initiative but also generate excitement and engagement.
    • Teaser items: The options for maintaining program momentum through teaser communications are endless. Print teasers such as postcard campaigns containing variable print (recipient name and other personalization) are highly effective. Email blasts enable you to provide quick reminders in a format that is received online and on mobile phones. Teasers using MP3 players, flash drives or other multimedia formats as the vehicle for the communication are popular, as are small merchandise items representative of the program theme or final reward.
    • Social media, web banners and micro sites: We use the program website as well as any other websites the participants regularly use to promote the program and keep it top of mind.
    Customer Contact Representatives

    MI MorRewards customer contactWe always remember that your award winners are special people who have literally earned the right to receive the finest customer care. So, whether we’re speaking with them on the telephone, catering to them on a travel program or designing a web interface to help them redeem an award, we are always ready to convey a warm welcome and make sure that they get exactly what they deserve, plus a little bit more.

    Great Service

    When you’ve earned or won an award and require customer service, few things are as comforting as a caring tone of voice, a smiling face and a willingness to listen. We’re proud to say that our clients regard our customer contact representatives as some of the best in the industry. We believe that this enables us to make a positive and professional impression on your behalf, which results in a heightened level of satisfaction with your firm and the reward received.

    Great People

    Pivotal to the success of our client deliverables is the caliber of our staff. Our associates are handpicked for their professional attitudes and receive specific skills training to ensure they deliver a level of expertise that in itself becomes a rewarding experience for your participants. We use a variety of quality assurance techniques, customer satisfaction indexing, customized training and call monitoring systems to ensure your satisfaction.

    Reporting & Analysis


    An essential part of any program design is reporting. Even the best program will fail if your participants do not have an easy and clear way to track their progress. Our information technology and research experts can develop a set of reports that participants can access via a password-protected, encrypted website. Our online suite of data reporting tools can be used to provide real-time reporting. Each level of reports is customized and access-controlled based on audience needs:

    • Participant level reporting
    • Field/management level reporting
    • Executive level reporting

    Reports can be formatted as table/list style reports or visually impactful dashboards.


    The way to achieve corporate goals or accomplish corporate objectives is to design a program that aligns participant goals with your objectives. Program design and reporting and analysis are the infrastructure created to measure performance and provide the results to the organization and the participants in a regular and consistent manner.

    When your project requires final reporting analytics, our IT business analysts, research and creative teams work together to establish world-class results. We produce executive summaries and the tabbing sets, correlation analyses and other detailed reports that meet your needs. Our PowerPoint and Keynote presentations can be branded to meet your internal guidelines and creatively provide impact for your presentation. Our goal when producing final reports is to help enlighten your audience with the professionalism that accompanies clear communication.

    Global Performance Improvement

    MI MorRewards global performanceAs international boundaries have shrunk and the world is truly a global marketplace, we provide you with worldwide solutions to your needs.

    Wherever you have a need, we have probably already been there and have the knowledge, competency and experience to provide the resources required to offer you a global solution. Regardless of the application, we are recognized as a one-stop shop that can provide you with the means to address any particular requirement regardless of location. Our ability to meet any customer expectation no matter where it may surface and still be an effective, value-centered supplier provides the ultimate flexibility to our clients.

    Leveraging consistent branding considerations with local culture, customs and resources allows you to capitalize on everything you need wherever those needs arise.

    No matter what continent, what country, what state, province, city or venue, we have never been challenged in our ability to provide a total client solution.

    Financial Accountability

    For every program that we produce, you receive a detailed estimated budget and frequent financial updates. At the end of the program, we are ready to deliver all applicable 1099 tax information to you, your company and/or your participants. Whether your program results in a group travel award, merchandise award or specialty recognition, we make sure that your program stays within budget.